Chris Kaspar - Founder

Chris’s left brain earned a bachelor’s in Marketing at Texas A&M and his right brain earned a master’s in Studio Art at Drury University. As a filmmaker, his work has aired nationally, including longform content for Chick-fil-A on ESPN Super Bowl game day and his collection of Addys next to his moleskine notebooks continues to grow.

While he is currently outnumbered by the ladies in his household (his beautiful wife Ciera and daughters Eliana and Vivian), he hopes to one day fill the house with young men. When he is not happily working on Techless, you can find him tinkering, creating humongous paintings and dominating at strategy board games.


Andrew Carson - Customers

Andrew Carson is a marketer, entrepreneur, and sushi lover. He is a proud alumni of College of the Ozarks and has a sparkling degree in Marketing. In the summer of 2018, Carson took the first place title in Small Business Management Plan at the PBL National competition in Baltimore, Maryland.

Currently, Carson has no wife, no children and no animals. When Andrew isn’t working for Techless, he is usually seen working out, writing music, playing sports, or thinking up the reasons for why he does not have a wife, children, or animals. Because of his three older sisters, Andrew has gained an appreciation for Hallmark movies, manicures, and his psychiatrist’s phone number.